At the edge of Paris, where the rivers of the Seine and Marne meet, Sheylla shares memories, encounters and feelings from the journeys that have brought her here. We can see that she’s preparing to leave again, but which path should she choose when she can go in any direction?

The Golden Triangle is composed from homegrown, handmade, slightly fragile elements. With a bike, a 16mm camera, a poem in my mind and a cast of non-professional actors, I’ve tried to say something about travel, love, loneliness and the distances that link them.

Short film 17’43”. Shooting format 16mm. Projection format DCP.
Written and directed by Miguel Clara Vasconcelos (MCV)
With Sheylla Barros
Cinematography, Sarah Cunningham and MCV. Sound Design, Pedro Góis. Edition, MCV. Graphic Design, Aya Koretzky. Production Amélie Quéret and MCV.
Produced by MCV.
Original Soundtrack by Gustavo Costa.
Support, L’Abominable and 25 Films (France); Light Film Bikini, Sunflag and Cª Ópera do Castelo (Portugal)
© mcvasconcelos, 2014

Triângulo Dourado [THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE] – trailer from Miguel Clara Vasconcelos on Vimeo.