lost gorbachevs live at mercado negro, aveiro

After several years of collaboration in many different freely improvised music contexts, João Martins, Henrique Fernandes and myself decided to compose some small songs with fast changes, in an energic style close to Naked City or Ruins. In 2003 we made the first songs, that had some jazzy and hardcore influences. In January 2006 we released the first cd-r, “From neoliberalism to totalitarian capitalism”. The names of the songs payed tribute to classic hc-grind-punk records, with pseudo random combination of titles that somehow were very significant to me. A few months after this release we made an European tour, playing in Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Switzerland, either in squats or alternative art centers.
After some years with less activity, we decided to add a voice to the band, calling long time friend Luis Gonçalves (from death-grind band Genocide, with whom I played many years). As a quartet, the sound is more powerfull and somehow weirder. In 2009 we started to record what could be our new record. We finished in 2010 thirteen (very) short songs to be included in a split 7″ with the grindcore band Tinnitus. The 7″ will come out in 2012, hopefully.
In February 2012 we made another European tour, with our friends from Trashbaile. We played in Poland and Germany in squats and autonomous centers, where we also tried to spread our cryptic anarco-satanic message to those who are bored by the clichés of the crust-punk-grind.


Rolling Stones Live Tape (cassete, 2008)

Lost Gorbachevs / Tinnitus (split vinyl 7″, 2011)


Composed by Lost Gorbachevs. Performed by Gustavo Costa, drums, João Martins, sax, Henrique Fernandes, doublebass and Luís Gonçalves, voice.

From the split 7″ with Tinnitus.